juanita girardin :: uncommon textiles
juanita girardin :: uncommon textiles juanita girardin :: uncommon textiles
juanita girardin :: uncommon textiles juanita girardin :: uncommon textiles
juanita girardin :: uncommon textiles

For over 38 years, the work of textile artist Juanita Girardin has been honored and collected for its distinctive style and singular interpretation of techniques. Her quilted work has become known for its classic elegance, unique surface design and fine garment finishing. Her hand-woven fabrics are distinguished by their unique patterning and color. Juanita received her foundation in weaving at RIT and in apparel design at RISD. She grew up in New England. For over 29 years she has lived in Northern New Mexico with her husband, artist, Larry Fielder, in their hand built adobe home with a bevy of cats and dogs.

In 2003, after 30 years as a weaver, Juanita began to experiment with quilting fabrics for garments. Since 2006, she has focused predominantly on experimental quilted cloths and garment making.

Juanita has exhibited in and been a juror for America's most recognized craft events. She has been honored with awards at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, the Smithsonian Craft Show, the American Craft Exposition, the St. Louis Art Fair, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, and many other national events. Her work has been published in several national art & craft magazines.

In her quilted textiles over the last 16 years she has explored various techniques to create surface texture and pattern. From full cloth abstraction, to minimalism, to collaged and pieced patterns.

Of her new work Juanita says: "When I began the quilted garments, I used abstract patterning to cover the entire garment and experimented extensively with various techniques to create texture. Later, I began to remove color and pattern to get to the essence of minimalism with additions of subtle, almost unseen marking.
Recently, I've been piecing the scraps of previous garments to create collage like accents within the garment. I aim to re-use as many scraps as I can. I work primarily with a Japanese sourced cotton and silk."

Each fabric is made by the artist individually in a labor intensive process of layering, quilting, washing and cutting. Each fabric is made exclusively for an individual garment and has a modern yet classic shape that will compliment a contemporary wardrobe and withstand trends. All garments are one of a kind.

Awards (Selected)
2014: Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show: Best in Show Award
2014: American Craft Expo: The Dr. Arlen Brodin Artistic Expression
2012: American Craft Council, Baltimore Show :Excellence Award for Booth Design
2010: American Craft Exposition, Evanston,IL: Show Directors Award
2009: American Craft Exposition, Evanston, IL: Honorable Mention
2007: American Craft Exposition, Evanston, IL: Award for Excellence
2004: Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show: Ornament Award for
Wearable Art
2004: Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington, D.C.: Bronze Award for
2003: St. Louis Art Fair, St. Louis, MO: First Place Fiber
2003: Lakefront Festival of the Arts, Milwaukee, WI, Fiber Award
2003: Scottsdale Art Festival, Scottsdale AZ, First Place, Fiber
2002: St.Louis Art Fair, St. Louis, MO: First Place Award
2001: Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, CO: Fiber Merit Award
1999: Cherry Creek Craft Show, Denver, CO : Fiber 1st Place
1999: Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, Ann Arbor, MI: Excellence Award
1998: Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, CO: Fiber 2nd Place
1995: Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver ,CO : Fiber 1st Place
1994: Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, CO : Fiber 2nd Place
1993: Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, CO : Fiber 1st Place
1992: Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show: Excellence in Fiber Award

2018: Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts, acquired a handwoven shawl for their permanent collection.

2015: RAM, Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin, acquired a handwoven scarf for their permanent collection.

1993: U.S.State Department: "The Bangkok Collection:Cultural Fiber", U.S. Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand , two large woven pieces.

1989: NY State : Two week craft residency at Artpark, Lewistown, NY

Publications (Selected)
2013: Ornament Magazine, Spring Issue,"Smithsonian Craft Show“
2012: Ornament Magazine, Spring Issue, Featured Artist, "New Directions"
2002: Ornament Magazine, Autumn Issue , Featured Artist, “A Paradise of Color”
2001: Ornament Magazine, summer issue, “American Craft Expo”
1998: Southwest Art Magazine: Dec. issue Artist Statement
1998: Ornament Magazine summer edition: Artist Statement
1996: “The Kimono Inspiration: Art& Art to Wear in America”, by Yoshiko Wada with Julie Schaffer Dale, Published by the Textile Museum, Washington D.C. pg. 103
1992: June 5: The Santa Fe New Mexican, Pasatiempo:”The Weavers of Rio Arriba”
1992: June 10-16 the Santa Fe Reporter “Weaving A Lifeline”
1992: May Catalog : “Fiber Art: New Directions for the Ninetes”
Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences, Manchester, NH publication.
1993: Nov 26: The Santa Fe New Mexican: Santa Fe Weaving Gallery Artists
1991: April: TWA Ambassador Magazine: “A Well Crafted Collection”
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1988: Nov-Dec: Handwoven Magazine: Cover and Images Pg. 40
1985: Sept 25: Webster Times, Webster,MA: “Weaver Creates Art to Wear”
1981: Mar 8: Boston Globe Magazine: “Friends of High Quality” pg. 50
1980: Nov 26: Norwich Bulletin, Norwich,CT: “Weaver Employs Ancient Techniques in Pursuing Her Craft”

Here's a priceless photo of Juanita (skinny, long hair, on left) at her first craft show (mid'70's) with her sister Terry!